First Time Clubbing Tips & Truths for Partying

Bring Friends with You:

Going clubbing with friends is much better than going alone. When you go alone to a club, you might feel out of place or unsafe among a sea of strangers. If you cannot bring your whole gang, you must bring at least one trustworthy person with you to a club. At a club, you are likely to meet a lot of strangers, and some of those people may not be the best. When you bring at least one friend with you, you guys can look out for each other and make sure no stranger is messing with you. Make sure to arrange the transport to and from the club. Trying to figure out the address of a club or where you can get a taxi home while you are half drunk is never an easy or fun task.

half drunk

Subscribe to a Guest List:

When you go clubbing with your friends, make sure you subscribe to a Guest List. By entering into a guest list, you can ensure that your night at the club will go smoothly. It is common for clubs to run out of booze during a crowded night. If you have signed up for a guest list, you will be treated like a VIP, with free entry, discounts, and exclusive access to drinks. In some cases, clubs may also offer free night accommodation to the guest list members. In order to get into the guest list of any club, you might need to have networks with people who run the club or speak nicely with the club manager. When planning for a night out, you might also want to reserve a table for yourself and your friends. This will ensure that you have ample time to rest between the times you hit the dance floor.

Clothing and Makeup:

On a night out, we want to be dolled up, and wearing heels might seem the best option. But carefully introspect whether you will be able to enjoy an entire night dancing away in your heels. Probably not. Sneakers and flats are a great way to ensure that your feet stay comfortable during the night. However, make sure to research what dress code the club recommends. Some clubs have rules in place to deny the entry of individuals who are not dressed for the occasion. Nightclubs are usually packed and sweaty; therefore, it is also recommended to wear long-lasting waterproof makeup when you go out for clubbing.


What to Bring:

When you go out clubbing, take special care to only pack the essentials. You will likely lose some of the things you bring when drunk at a club. Make sure to bring your ID to prove that you are above 18 to be allowed into a club. Pack your phone, credit or debit cards, essential makeup, house keys, etc., in a small purse that you won’t lose. If you want to last the entire night of clubbing, make sure to eat well and hydrate. Remember not to go crazy on the drinks; this will only ruin your night out. Your goal is not to get drunk and wasted but to tiptoe around that sweet tipsy spot.

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