Ways to get your friends on the Dance Floor

No one wants to dance alone. It is frustrating when your friends don’t join in on the fun while at a club or party. We have all been there. If you are hosting the party, you might probably be in the mood to dance the night away. However, it might not be fun if the dance floor isn’t jam-packed with dancers. Here are some clever ways to get your friends on the dance floor:

Hire a Professional DJ:

If you are the one organizing the event, hire a professional DJ. We usually do DJing on our own when we organize a house party. In such situations, it is not unusual that we might run into technical problems. Interrupted music may kill the vibe of the guests and lead them to retreat back into their seats. If you want a smooth dancefloor experience, it is beneficial to hire a professional DJ.

Bar and Dance Floor:

A bar is where the crowd is always at. If you are organizing your party, make sure to situate your bar close to the dance floor. Keeping your bar close to the dance floor help bring people back to the dance floor. Another key factor to note is that alcohol gives people the courage to dance. Even the shyest person is inspired to dance after a shot or two. Remember to keep your dance floor at the center of the venue and slightly smaller to create an intimate feeling among the dancers.

Lead the Way:

Leading the way is one of the best strategies to get your shy friends on the dance floor. When you hit the dance floor and show those fiery moves, your friends will be inspired to do the same. If you are at the club or bar, ask attractive people to join you. Nobody wants to leave their friends to have all the fun. Obviously, this move is gonna make them join you on the dance floor.

Get them Drunk:

Getting your friends tipsy is a sure way to get them to dance with you at a club or party. There is no better way to encourage your friends for an extremely sweaty night out. Over the course of the night, the alcohol might wear off, and your friends might turn into their usual grumpy selves. It is up to you to constantly keep them tipsy and drunk, so they can dance with you uninhibitedly.

favorite songs

Request their favorite songs:

Nobody wants to stay in their seats while their favorite songs are drumming through their ears. When you are friends with someone, you know their favorite songs. Request the DJ to play their favorite songs, and in no time, you can see your friends on the floor dancing away with no care in the world. If you are organizing the party, you can get their favorite DJ or band to come to perform at the event. This gesture will surely touch their hearts – they will want nothing else but to dance the night away.

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